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Voting and Commenting on an Idea
Voting and Commenting on an Idea

If someone has created an idea in Mo that you'd like to vote on but you aren't sure how to, you can find out more here.

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If this product is unfamiliar to you then your organisation may not have this product activated. If you believe this to be an error, please contact the Mo support team through the chatbot in the bottom right.


Voting on an idea is important, as that's a major contributor to the decision-making process on whether the idea gets taken forward!

The first thing you need to do is find the idea you want to vote on - it'll be in under our Ideas section of the app (click here for a shortcut). You can filter / or sort by the idea status, category, groups its relevant to etc. in order to find it on the feed.

Once you've found the idea, there will be 3 buttons at the bottom of it - these are:

  • 👍 - This Upvotes the idea and shows you support it.

  • ❌ - This means you have no opinion and shows you're neutral.

  • 👎 - This Downvotes the idea and shows you oppose the idea. 

Once you've voted, you will be displayed as being a supporter of /in opposition to the idea underneath. You can also see who else has voted and which way. If you're uncertain about your vote and want to see how voting on this idea progresses before you make your vote, you can also click the three dots in the top-right corner and select to 'follow' the idea.


Comment to share your perspective, substantiate your vote or ask any relevant questions to help clarify the idea.

Commenting is an opportunity to contribute to the specific idea discussion, clarify the idea, let others know if it's been done before, develop the idea further and ultimately help increase its chances of being accepted and implemented.

It's very easy to do! Just type your comment underneath the specific idea, and others who have voted / or followed the idea, as well as the creator, will be notified and can respond!

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