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Creating an Idea
Creating an Idea

Have an idea? Great! In this article, we'll help you put it forward!

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If this product is unfamiliar to you then your organisation may not have this product activated. If you believe this to be an error, please contact the Mo support team through the chatbot in the bottom right.


Ideas are a great way to get input from your colleagues. Ideas can be as simple as proposing a team lunch once a week!

Any colleague can submit an idea by simply coming into the Ideas page and selecting '+ New Idea'.

Submitting an Idea

It's really easy to submit an idea! You'll be asked to submit the following:

  • Title - This is the name of your idea.

  • What's important about it? - This is where you'll describe your idea and why you believe it's good. You can also have some fun by using our emojis and GIF's😄

  • Idea category - Categorise your idea or choose whether the idea is in response to an existing challenge (or both). Click here to read our article on creating challenges. Categories help your employer understand what your idea's focus is.

  • Responding to a challenge? - If your idea is in response to a challenge, that a decision-maker at your organisation has created, then this is the option you'll need to choose, press the box and choose the specific challenge from the list available.

  • How long? - Choose how long users have to vote on your idea.

  • Which groups? - You can choose individual people and/or whole groups that you believe the idea is relevant to (this is optional if you don't know who it's relevant to!). Once selected, underneath, you will see the actual number of people in the group(s). This setting also usually, triggers an email notification that informs the relevant people about your idea. Finally, the idea group selection(s) informs the filters on the Ideas feed, allowing users to filter the ideas they see by their relevant groups.

Once filled in, hit "Create Idea".

Your colleagues will be able to vote Yes/No/No opinion and add their thoughts by leaving a comment.

Notifying your team

The colleagues you have selected will get notified by email when your idea is posted. They'll also receive an email reminding them to vote and be notified once your idea has been closed.

Another notification will be sent once a decision maker has made a decision (which will include the decision itself). In-app notifications will be sent if someone comments/interacts with your idea.

Any more questions on creating ideas? Get in touch by clicking the chat icon in the bottom left!😊

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