How to Create a Challenge

Are you a Decision Maker? Want to engage your team in a Challenge? Read this article!

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Challenges are a great way to involve your colleagues in their workplace. Set a challenge and have your colleagues put forward their ideas and respond to each other's ideas.

To create a challenge you'll first need to have 'Decision Maker' permissions in Mo. If you believe you require these permissions, but don't think you have them, contact your administrator.

Your Challenges will be found in the Ideas section of Mo.

To create a Challenge, head to Ideas and click "Manage".

Click "Create Challenge".

You'll need to fill out a form consisting of:

  • Challenge title

  • Description

  • Groups - This is where you set who will be able to see that challenge. You can choose individual people or whole groups.

    There's also an option to notify these people by email, I'd recommend ticking this so that everyone knows about the challenge. If you don't want to notify them, you can leave the box unticked or not select anyone.

If you have any questions regarding anything said above then please don't hesitate to get in touch by clicking on the icon in the bottom right! 😄  

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