Adding a Line Manager to a User's account

Want to assign line managers to your users in Mo? This is how you can do it as an admin.

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Assigning Line managers to users in Mo helps other colleagues 'Notify' a given user's manager more easily about the Moments they're tagged in.

To add a line manager to a user's account, head to Manage organisation -> Users. Find the user you're looking for and click 'Edit user'.

This will bring up the user's profile. Scroll down to the 'Manager' section and select the user's line manager. Don't forget to press 'Save'! Important to remember, someone can only be chosen as a line manager if they have 'Manager' status in Mo.

What if the manager I'm looking for isn't on the list?

If the manager you're looking for isn't on that list, you'll need to add 'Manager' permissions to them first, by editing that manager's Mo profile details. Read our article on Understanding Mo Permissions to learn more about permissions.

To find out if a line manager has Manager permissions, repeat the steps above (Manage organisation -> Users). Find the line manager and select 'Edit user'. Scroll down their profile to view or change their permissions. Remember to hit 'Save' if you update any information.

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