Adding a Colleague to Mo

Got a newbie joining the team and need to set them up with a Mo account? I'll show you how you can do this in here!

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Finding your users

If you're an admin in Mo and have been given the task to add a new employee to the platform, you'll want to head over to the 'Manage organisation' page and select the 'Users' box.

This is where you will manage all the users in your Mo account.

Adding a colleague

To start adding a colleague, click 'Add User' in the top right of the page - this will open the form below!

When adding a colleague you'll need to fill out the following in the first section:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email Address

  • Language - (Optional) - This is set to English by default

  • Invite user via welcome email - (Optional) - this will send them a welcome email as soon as you save the user

  • Manager - (Optional) - This will set their line manager in Mo, so colleagues can tag managers in Moments

  • Reward Country - (Rewards Customers Only) - This will choose what rewards the user sees in the reward store

  • SSO UID - (SSO UID Customers Only) - This is your single sign-on provider

    External ID - (Employee ID) - Unique reference to this employee


After filling out the important bit, it's time to add groups!

Adding these allows people to identify their colleagues in-app and help with sharing Moments with groups.

Your groups will most likely be different to the below as these are chosen in the Groups section of 'Manage organisation', this account I'm adding a user to only has Location and Job Title selected - you can read our article on adding user groupings here.

To add groupings, click on the box and select the group the user belongs to, below I'm choosing the location as 'London' and the job title as 'Customer Success Manager'.

Important note: You may need to search for the group if there are a lot of options to choose from, if the group doesn't exist yet then you'll need to add it. You can find more about this in the user groupings article here.


All that is left to do now, is choose the special permissions the user should get.

Check the box next to the permissions you want to give your colleague and hit 'Save', this will then create their account!

You'll now see your colleague in the user table! If you haven't invited them using the checkbox in the form, you can do this by clicking the 3 dots and then 'Send welcome email'

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