Inviting Colleagues to Mo

Need to invite colleagues to Mo? This is the place to be!

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Inviting Colleagues in Bulk

Once employee data is uploaded to Mo, it may be useful to invite users in bulk. This can be especially useful when multiple colleagues need to be invited at once or your company is ready to launch and every user needs an invitation.

To invite in bulk, head to Manage Organisation->Users, where you will see an 'Invite' button below 'Awaiting Invite'. Click this button and your colleagues will be invited all at once!

Inviting Colleagues Individually

You can also invite colleagues individually on Mo!

After a Mo account has been created for a new user, (see our Adding a Colleague to Mo article) they'll need to be invited to activate their account via email.

To invite a colleague to Mo, head to Manage organisation-> Users. Search the user you wish to invite and you'll be able to see 'Ready to invite' under their status.

Click the three dots and press 'Send welcome email'.

An email such as the one below will get sent to the user and will guide them through activating their Mo account😊.

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