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Creating a Budget

Before we can even start thinking about rewarding colleagues, we need to create a Budget. Budgeting is a feature designed to help companies create a controlled environment of spending. For the purposes of this article, let's imagine we created a Budget called 'UK Retail Budget'. For more information on Budgeting, read our Creating a Budget article.

Creating a Spending Pot

So you've created a Budget, now what? You'll need to add Spending Pots to your Budget. You can add as many Spending Pots as you like! For example, our 'UK Retail Budget' could consist of:

  • 'South East Region' Spending Pot

  • 'South West Region' Spending Pot

and so on...

Click here to learn how to create Spending pots.

Creating Reward Types

Almost there! Once we have our Budgets and Spending Pots set up, we need to create Reward Types that will sit in each Spending Pot. Reward Types simply refer to the rewards your colleagues within these Spending Pots can be rewarded with.

Taking our 'South East Region' Spending Pot as an example, our Reward Types could be:

  • Employee of the Month (worth £50 credit)

  • On the spot Reward (worth £5 credit)

  • Great Work (worth £20 credit)

and so on...

For more on Reward Types, see our Creating Reward Types article.

Custom Store

All the Rewards your colleagues receive can be spent in our Mo store. We've partnered with many great brands such as Amazon, ASOS and Deliveroo!

🤩 However, we also give you the option to create your own Custom Store and create Rewards that you know your colleagues will love and that represent your company!

To create your own Custom Store, read our article on Creating Custom Rewards.

This article is just a quick overview of how Rewarding at Mo works. For more details, head to the articles linked in each section!

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