Creating Reward Types

If you want to create a new reward to send in Mo, check this article out!

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Rewards in Mo can come in two forms: 1) store credit, to spend on vouchers and store items; and 2) custom, internal rewards decided on by you.

Let's take a look at creating these.

To create a new reward, you are going to want to click Rewards in the sidebar, then Manage in the top right. You'll then be able to select Reward types on the left. 

Creating your reward type

Reward Details

This first section of creating a reward contains:

  • Image - This can be an image of your own or an emoji.

  • Name - This is what the reward will be called.

  • Description - Here, you will want to add a brief explanation of how to redeem the reward. 

Reward Cost

Finally, select the reward type and the value of the reward, you can choose between:

  • Store credit - Adds the value of the reward to the recipient's store credit balance.

  • Custom - This allows you to choose whatever you'd like to reward them. An example of this could be a day off or a bottle of wine (in this case you would put the value of the bottle of wine in the amount box).

If you have a budget and spending pot set up, you'll now be able to assign your reward type so it can be sent.

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