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Rewarding Colleagues in Moments✨
Rewarding Colleagues in Moments✨

Want to reward a colleague? Elevate a Moment by sending a meaningful reward, find out how to in this guide!

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Creating a Moment

To reward a colleague, all you need to do is click "Create a Moment".

Write your Moment and select the colleague/s you wish to reward. There are multiple ways you can do this:

  • You can @ someone by typing @ followed by their name e.g. @name

  • You can search and add individual users by clicking the icon in the top right

  • You can select a list of people (a super-easy way to add multiple colleagues to a Moment at once. Click here to learn how to create Lists).

Once you've added your colleagues, you'll need to press "Reward colleagues" in the bottom right.
Note: This button will only be visible to users who have been given access to a spending pot and are reward givers.

Choose which spending pot you'd like to reward your colleagues from and select your amount. You'll be given a preview of the spending pot you select.

Note - If your funds are low and/or you exceed your budget, the entire Moment (with the attached reward) will not be posted and will sit in the reward approval queue awaiting approval from your admin

Hit "Confirm selection" and you should see the Reward button change to show the number of colleagues you're rewarding.

For example, if I was to reward 6 colleagues, this would say "Rewarding 6 colleagues" and so on. Note - this selection will reward all the users you've tagged or mentioned in the moment, with the reward you choose.

You can choose for your Moment to be either:

  1. Visible to all colleagues so it shows up on everyone's feed or

  2. A private Moment, only visible to you and the colleagues you're rewarding

You can also now 'Notify managers' if you want them to know you've recognised/rewarded someone to elevate the recognition to them. Managers 'notified' using the 'Notify manager' function, won't receive a reward, but will be able to see and comment on the moment.

Double-check that this number matches with the colleagues you've selected and hit "Share"!

Your Moment will look just like any other Moment, apart from the reward icon in the bottom right 🏆.

Note - not everyone will be able to see the reward icon. Only people with access to spending pots (reward givers) and the people receiving the reward will see this. For the rest of the company, it will look like a regular Moment!

Pending Rewards

There are multiple reasons you may be seeing this message after issuing a reward:

  • You don't have enough budget remaining in your spending cycle (you can check this here

  • Your annual budget for that spending pot has been spent (you'll need to speak to your Mo admin)

  • Your company have run out of funds (you'll need to speak to your Mo admin)

  • Approval is needed for this reward type (you'll need to speak to your Mo admin)

Deleting a Moment

🤦‍♀️ Uh oh, mistakes happen! To delete a Moment you've rewarded, hit the three dots and press "Delete".

Note - Only Admins on Mo can delete Moments. If you're not an Admin and need a Moment deleting, please get in touch with us at

You'll receive a message like this. Deleting a Moment will only delete the post, not the reward you've attached to it. To revoke the reward, you'll need to copy the error code in the message and send it to support, who will be able to revoke the reward for you.

Notifying your Colleagues

Your colleagues will be notified of your Moment through in-app and email notifications.

Example of an in-app notification.

Example of an email notification.

Have questions that haven't been answered by this article? Reach out to us by clicking the icon in the bottom right!😊

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