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Read this article for help on creating your very first Moment!

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Moments are the perfect way to recognise and celebrate your colleagues 🎉.

Has someone gone the extra mile for you? Has your team achieved something great? Or maybe you just want to let someone know that their efforts aren't going unnoticed?

Amazing!🥰 Let's create a Moment to capture that!

Creating a Moment

To begin, you'll need to press "Create a Moment".

Next, write your Moment and don't forget to tag your colleagues. There are multiple ways you can do this:

  • You can @ someone by typing @ followed by their name e.g. @name

  • You can search and add individual users by clicking the icon in the top right

  • You can select a list of people (a super-easy way to add multiple colleagues to a Moment at once, learn how to create Lists here)

A preview of the colleagues you've tagged will be added to the top right corner of your Moment.

🤩 Tip - Personalise your Moment by adding fun emojis, gifs, uploading images from your device, or adding fun cards!

Next, you can select the company values that most apply to your Moment - you can choose as many as you like, as it's great to show how your values are lived.

Notify your colleagues' line managers if you'd like your colleagues to receive extra praise, by clicking "Notify Managers" and selecting the appropriate people. If we know their line manager, we'll also recommend the right person to notify 😉

Lastly, you can choose for your Moment to be either:

  1. Visible to all colleagues so it shows up on everyone's feed or

  2. A private Moment, only visible to you and the colleagues you've tagged or mentioned (and the managers you've notified)

Hit "Share" and you're done! Your Moment will look something like this.

How Mo Notifies Your Colleagues

Your tagged or mentioned colleagues will be notified of your Moment by an in-app notification and an email (or a push notification, if they are using our mobile app)!

Example of an in-app notification.

Example of an email notification.

Celebrating Together

Your tagged colleagues (and everyone else in your company, of course) will then be able to react to your Moment, write a comment/react to a comment, add a gif, or add an image!

Struggling to think of a good Moment to write? Read our article on 'Types of Moments to Share' to get inspired!

Deleting your Moment (Mo Admin only)

Everyone makes mistakes, right? The delete function is right there in our app for admins just in case a Moment needs to be deleted!

To delete a Moment, press the three dots in the bottom right corner of the Moment and press 'Delete'.

Note - This is only available for users with Mo admin permissions

If you aren't a Mo admin and need to delete a Moment, please contact or start a live chat with us in the right-hand corner!

Rewarding through a Moment

To all you reward givers out there, you can also attach rewards to your Moments, to elevate your message with something extra! 🎁

Note - The rewarding feature will only be available to those who have been given access to a spending pot.

For more information on Rewarding Colleagues, click here!

Have questions that haven't been answered by this article? Reach out to us by clicking the icon in the bottom right!😊

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