Moment Drafts ✍️

Running out of time to finish your moment? Don't worry about it! Read this article to learn all about our new drafts feature!

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Introducing Drafts! 🎉

As a result of our new drafts release, you can write your Moments now (while they're ✨fresh✨ in your mind) and share them later! Annoying typos are a thing of the past! But more importantly, missed moments are too!

Once you have a Moment you're happy with (but not entirely happy & would like to return to later on), you can press the 'X' in the corner of your screen and you'll have the option to save your Moment as a draft.

Useful note: You can save all the content you were writing/adding in a draft, but you'll need to attach rewards, notify managers, and set the visibility settings for your moment before you're ready to post as Drafts aren't able to save these 3 things yet!

You can then view your draft at a later date by clicking "Drafts".

Select the draft you wish to "Edit". Here you can also remove any old drafts you no longer need by clicking the 'trashcan' icon, this will delete these permanently.

And when you're (entirely) happy, go ahead and "Share" your Moment! If you're still unsure, you can re-save this draft again, by clicking the 'x' button which will prompt you to update the draft version with your changes.

If your question about drafts hasn't been answered, please don't hesitate to get in touch. You can do so by clicking the icon in the bottom right 😊.

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