Highlight and Hide Moments on your profile

Curate your profile by highlighting the most meaningful moments and hiding ones that don't represent your story at work

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Your profile is the best place for people to see all of the Moments that you've been part of and shared with others. It's these Moments that help people get to know you and see the impact you have day in, day out.

We've added two new ways for you to manage the Moments on your profile to make sure that what matters to you is on full display.

Highlight your meaningful Moments...

Showcase your proudest achievements at work, increasing the visibility of your contributions and their impact, and show off what matters to you. You can do this with any Moment that you have permission to view.

Simply click on the star icon on any moment you see to put that Moment in your highlight reel. Any moments you highlight will appear at the top of your profile and are viewable by you and anyone who visits your profile. Just click on any Moment to view the full message.

If you want to remove a Moment from your highlights, either find it in the feed and click the star icon again or press the star icon when viewing that Moment on the full-page reel.

Hiding a Moment is Easy

Remove the moments you feel don't truly represent the story you want to tell about your time at work.

On your profile, click on the three-dot menu on any moment and then select the "Hide from profile" option in the menu that appears. This will remove it from your profile only, it will still be visible in other places where people have permission to view it.

Right now you're unable to un-hide a Moment, make sure you're confident you want to hide the Moment on your profile when doing so.

If you have any further questions reach out to us via our live chat or our email support@mo.work

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