Finding and Editing your Profile

Your profile is the space to express yourself and help others learn more about you and what matters to you.

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Viewing your profile

You can access your profile by clicking your name in the navigation bar at the top.

If you're using our mobile app this can be found at the bottom under 'More'.

The first thing you'll nee is that your profile is split into two sections:

  • About me

  • Moments


By default, we'll show all the Moments you've been involved in on your profile, however, you can filter these to show only Moments you've created or been tagged in!

If you have Manager level permissions in Mo, you can also filter for Moments about your direct reports that people have notified you about.

You can also "Highlight" the most important Moments to you, and pin these to your "About me" section for everyone to see! Highlights are a great way to keep track of all your achievements & highlight your contributions.

About me

Editing your profile

To edit your profile, click the "three dots" followed by "Edit profile".

We recommend filling out as much of your profile as possible, including your headline, biography, links, work preferences, and interests.

A completed profile helps new people quickly get to know you, and others, in their first few weeks. By letting us know what you are interested in and how you like to work, we'll show you individuals around the organisation with shared interests or preferences to yourself.

Now, let's discuss each section of your profile in more detail.

Profile picture

Setting a profile picture helps your colleagues quickly and easily identify you across Mo. Make sure to choose one that best represents how colleagues across your organisation will see you.

We recommend a clear, recent, close-up photograph that will be easy to see at smaller sizes. Here are some great examples.

To set a profile picture, click 'Upload image' and choose your photo. Mo will automatically save this, so there's no need to click "Save".

Your preferred name

Andrew or Andy? Olivia or Liv? Set your preferred name and let others know what you liked to be called at work!


Share a one-liner that communicates who you are or what you do at work. It will be visible on the "Discover" page when colleagues are searching or browsing for others.

There are no rules about your headline being your job title. You can use this field to share your interpretation of your role at your organisation.


Don't forget to choose your preferred pronouns!


Customise your header to add some personality to your profile. It will be visible

to others searching or browsing the Discover page as well as on your profile.

To select a header, click on the colour code or colour swatch to open the colour picker. From here, you can select any colour by dragging their hue slider across.

If you already know the code of the colour you'd like to use, you can type it into the picker. For more advanced options, click the up and down arrows to switch from HEX to RGB or HSL colour codes.


You can add extra ways for others to contact you or learn more about you outside of Mo by sharing an email address, your Linkedin profile, or a personal website link.


Introduce yourself to your colleagues by mentioning your skills, experiences or anything else you'd like others to know about you.

You can even share a little bit about the journey you've been on to get to where you are today. Worked in a high-profile industry-leading company? Amazing, you're now the go-to person for advice in high-pressure environments.


You can add your working location to your Mo profile and let your colleagues learn more about where you're based!


Add some languages you speak to connect with others learning/speaking the same languages as you. These will appear in the order you select them.


You'll have the option to add your Birthday & Work Anniversary to Mo. We'll never disclose the year of birth, just the day & month!

Occasions are a great way to engage with others on Mo & it's always nice to get a few extra "Happy Birthdays" or "Happy 2 Years" on your special day 😉.

If you'd like your occasions to be visible on Mo, add your dates & toggle the switch on.

We'll show your occasions:

On your profile:

On the home page:

In "Discover":

Working preferences

More of a night owl than an early bird? Prefer to have your meetings in the morning or are you just getting started after lunch?

Share your working preferences with others to let them know how to best work with you.

Working hours

Share your working hours and help your colleagues set expectations on when to hear back from you.

You can also share your location and let your colleagues know if you're planning to be at the office this week or if you'll be at home with your furry friends 🐾.

How to reach me

Let others know how to best reach you while you're working.


Say goodbye to the awkward zoom call.

Getting to know people has been tough the past few months and we know how important it is to feel connected to the people you work with.

Share some of your interests to help others get to know you better and see what you may have in common with them.

Saving your profile

Once you've hit "Save changes", head to your profile and check out your new look!

Profile poppers

A snapshot of your profile will now be visible to others when someone hovers over your name or photo on the home page!

If you want to edit your profile, click the button below 😊

Have a question that wasn't answered in this article? Reach out to our support team by clicking the chat icon on the bottom right!

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