Managing your Notifications 📬

Changing your notification preferences to receive what you want, and how you want it.

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Finding your Preferences

Your notification preferences live in your account settings, to find these click on your profile icon in the top right and select 'Settings' & 'Notification preferences' on the left.

What can I do?

The notifications on this page are dependent on your Mo setup. If your organisation has Ideas and Challenges enabled your notification preferences will look like the above.

The notifications you can choose are:

  • Moments - post notifications that involve others (not directly to you) e.g. a response to a Boost.

  • Missed Activity - this email will be sent if you haven't logged in within the last 7 days and you have an activity relevant to you that you haven't seen.

  • Occasions - these will be sent when someone in your team is celebrating a birthday or a work anniversary.

  • Challenges - these will be sent when a colleague has created a new idea/challenge that you can respond to.

If your organisation doesn't have Occasions or Challenges enabled, you will only be able to enable/disable the moments & missed activity emails.

To change your preferences, toggle the switches you wish to change and click "Save changes".

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