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Selecting, Rewarding, and Announcing Nomination Winners!
Selecting, Rewarding, and Announcing Nomination Winners!

The final step in the nominations process, selecting and announcing your winners - let's take a look!

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We recommend you announce your nominees before selecting your winners, if you haven't read the article on this yet, you can find it here.

Selecting winners in Mo requires either the 'Nominations Manager' or 'Nominations Admin' permissions.


If you don't plan on selecting all your winners at once, or you're working collaboratively as a team, we recommend using shortlisting. This ensures everyone who you think should be considered a winner can be found easily.

To shortlist, click the 'shortlist' button under a colleague you want to shortlist, once you have finished you can filter for these by filtering by 'shortlisted'.

Selecting Winners & Announcing

Selecting winners is similar to the step above, instead of 'Shortlist' select the 'Select as winner' button. Once you are done, head over to the 'Winners' tab at the top, you'll now see all the colleagues you selected as winners.

Rewarding Winners (For customers who use Rewards on Mo)

On the Winners tab, as shown above, if you are a Reward Giver assigned to a spending pot in Mo, you'll see an 'Attach a Reward' button below the Winner's name.

Clicking this will take you to the 'New Reward' page where you can complete the 'New Reward' form to add a reward for the Winner.

Once complete, return to view the results and Winners of your Nomination. You'll see the reward attached to the Nomination Winner, this will be issued automatically only once you Announce your Winners (see next step on doing this).

Now it's time to make the announcement! 🎉 🥳

Just like you'd announce nominees, click the 'Announce winners' button in the top right, you'll then be able to add a message to all involved in the nomination!

Now head over to the Announcements page and check out the result!

Have a question we've not answered? Reach out to us by clicking the chat button in the bottom right!😊

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