Getting the most out of Nominations

A deeper dive into Nominations and how you can get the most out of them.

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Frequency is the key ⏰

Running nominations regularly encourages your team to consider the work of their teammates more frequently. Participating in peer-nominated awards more frequently helps them keep track of smaller milestones in the company.

Running annual events is a great way to mark the passing of a year, but it shouldn't be at the expense of regular nominations where you have the opportunity to touch base with your team regularly.

Give the power to the people 💪

Try running nominations within smaller groups or teams as well as larger ones. This could help encourage people to participate and build the culture within the team. You could also try putting the winners from smaller nominations into a larger pool for the next round!!

Fair & equal judging ⚖️

When we think of how nominations work traditionally, it can be misunderstood as a popularity contest where those who get the most votes win.

With Mo, we encourage people to explain why they’re nominating someone. We also ask them to choose a value that it most relates to, making submissions more meaningful.

This means judging a winner shouldn’t be about who has the most votes, but rather who has the most meaningful submissions as understood from both the number of votes and the reason they left.

You may wish to develop an additional criteria framework to help your short-listers select winners when they're evaluating the submitted nominations.

Celebration 🎉

Once the submissions are in and the window is closed, you have options available to announce the nominees and announce the winners.

Announcing the nominees will send everyone who was nominated an email directing them to go and view what people have said. It’s not always about winning, sometimes reading the amazing things people have written is worth more to someone than anything else.

Announcing the winners will then let everyone who was asked to submit know who has won! They can then come in and comment and celebrate together. If winners are receiving rewards, you will have the option of attaching a reward to each winner before you make the announcement. Once winners are announced, each winner will receive an additional notification letting them know about the reward they got for winning!

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