🦸 Special Powers: Understanding Mo Permissions

Discovered you have special powers? This article will help you understand the best way to use them!

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When creating (or editing) a user account, there is an option to give permissions (i.e. assign special powers) to people of your choosing! This article will explain in detail each of our special powers and help you choose the lucky ones!

Mo Admin

Managing Users

As an Admin in Mo, you're able to create new Mo users, invite new users to join Mo, and edit existing Mo accounts! To find out how - read our article on Adding a Colleague to Mo. Mo Admins also have the power to suspend users. If a colleague leaves your organisation or no longer wants to be a part of Mo, you'll need to suspend their account. For help on doing this, visit How to Suspend a Colleague in Mo.

Create Groups and Lists

With your Admin special power, you can organise the people you work with and create groups. Creating user groupings means that people are easier to find and easier to share content with. Groups can be based on departments (e.g. finance) or locations (e.g. London). Our articles on Creating User Groupings and Configuring Groups are a helpful tool to get you started!

By enabling Lists, your colleagues will be able to quickly and easily add multiple colleagues to a Moment at once!

Integrate Mo with Microsoft Teams or Slack

As an Admin, you can also increase the visibility of Moments and help colleagues share more Moments by connecting Mo to a Microsoft Teams channel or a Slack channel of your choice!

Mo Analyst

With your Mo Analyst power, you can view analytical data on how Mo is being used! You'll have access to the 'Insights' page which shows an overview of 'Moments' and have access to our Report Exporter, which allows you to download data on activity across Moments, Rewards, Nominations, and Ideas.

Mo Manager

A Mo Manager can be assigned as a line manager of any other user and will be listed in a list of managers when 'Notifying a manager' which will enable them to view moments where they've been 'notified as a manager' in a separate section on their profile.

Mo Decision Maker

A Decision Maker in Mo can edit, delete and change the status of all ideas, create new challenges in Mo, and assign other users as decision-makers on posted ideas.

Mo Rewards Admin

As a Rewards Admin, you control all things Rewards! You can create and edit reward types, approve or decline pending rewards, view all rewards being issued, view your 'float' balance, create and edit budgets and spending pots, create custom rewards, and view and fulfill custom store redemption item requests.

Mo Nominations Manager

As a Nominations Manager, you can create and distribute nominations, view nomination results for the events you create, shortlist, select and announce winners of your events, collaborate on other events if invited by the creator, edit, delete or reopen your nomination event! This is a permissions role relevant to users who need to be able to run their own local nominations but don't require access to nominations being run by other users in Mo.

Mo Nominations Admin

Your Nominations Admin power allows you to create and distribute nominations, view nomination results for any events, shortlist, select and announce winners of any events, add collaborators to any event, edit, delete or reopen any nomination event! This permissions role is only for users who need Admin level access and view all nomination events being run by all Nomination Managers in Mo.

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