Creating User Groupings

Groups are a way to organise your people so they are easier to find, easier to share content with, and will see relevant content in Mo.

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Mo’s groups are a great way for people to understand what their colleagues do, and where they work and they enable you to share Moments with whole groups and filter the feed.

Only users with the admin permission setting can edit your organisation's groups; the function is available in the 'Manage organisation' area.

Where do I manage user groupings?

To manage the Groupings in your account head over to the drop-down in the top right, then choose 'Manage organisation' – then select the 'Groups' box.

Adding Groups

To add a group, click in the box labelled Choose something at the bottom of the page and select one of the available options in the sidebar – then click the green button labelled Add a group to add this to your account.

This group may not appear straight away after adding, if you refresh your page you'll be able to see it.

Adding Items

If you've tried to add a group to a user after this you may have noticed it says 'Nothing found' - this is because there are no items in your new group.

To add an item to your groupings, click on Add an item and type out the group you want to add.

Now when you go to edit a user, you'll see your new group!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch with our support team, you can find them by opening the icon in the bottom right 😄

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