Adding a Mo activity summary to Slack

Increase the visibility of Moments shared in your organisation by connecting Mo to a Slack channel of your choice.

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You can automatically send a summary of Moment activity to a Slack channel at a time of your choosing. This increases the visibility of Moments shared in your organisation and provides easy access to the Mo platform for your colleagues to share Moments of their own.

Setting up your integration for the first time

1. Create a Slack app

First, you'll need to set up a Slack app, follow the link below to do that for your workspace.

Choose "from scratch", pick a name, we suggest going with "Mo" or using your scheme name, choose a workspace to associate your app with, and then click "Create App".

2. Enable Incoming Webhooks

After creating, you'll be redirected to the settings page for your new app (if you are using an existing app, just load its settings via your app's management dashboard).

From here select the Incoming Webhooks feature, and click the Activate Incoming Webhooks toggle to switch it on.

3. Create an Incoming Webhook

Now that Incoming Webhooks are enabled, the settings page should refresh and some extra options will appear. One of those options will be a button marked Add New Webhook to Workspace and you'll see something like the following screen:

Go ahead and pick a channel that the app will post to, and then click to Authorise your app.

You'll be sent back to your app settings, and you should now see a new entry under the Webhook URLs for Your Workspace section, with a Webhook URL that'll look something like this:


Copy the URL by clicking on the 'copy' icon next to it. You will need to paste this URL into Mo at the next step.

You'll also be able to customise your integration, head back to the basic information section, and scroll part way down. Here you'll be able to update or change the name and give the integration an icon. Download our Mo icon.

4. In Mo, finish the integration setup

You will need admin permissions in Mo to complete the final steps in setting up the integration. In Mo, navigate to "Manage organisation -> Integrations".

Under the Slack section of the page, paste the URL copied at step 3 into the empty webhook URL field. Turn the Moments activity switch on and choose the frequency, day and time you'd like the summary to be sent.

Your integration is now ready set up and ready to go.

If you'd like, slack has more information about adding incoming webhooks to Slack channels which you can read here.

Have a question that wasn't answered in this article? Reach out to our support team through the help page in Mo.

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