Approving and Declining Rewards

Need to approve or decline pending rewards? Look no further!

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If this product is unfamiliar to you then your organisation may not have this product activated. If you believe this to be an error, please contact the Mo support team through the chatbot in the bottom right.

Rewards sometimes need approval to be issued to the recipient. This can be because that's how they've been set up in the spending pot or because the person as gone over their budget/your company is running low on funds. If this happens, Reward Admins will need to go into the approval queue and review these rewards (approve or decline them).

Approval queue

Any rewards that require approval will sit in the approval queue until a Rewards Admin has approved/declined them.

The approval queue can be found by heading to "Manage organisation->Rewards->Approval queue".

Below is a screenshot of the Approval queue page.

  • Funds remaining - This just tells you how much money your organisation has left.

  • On hold -  This will tell you how many rewards are on hold. These will not be issued when pressing the "Issue All" button.

  • Ready to issue - This is how many rewards need reviewing.

  • To approve a pending reward, press "Approve". This will issue the pending reward to the user it was sent.

  • To decline a pending reward, select "Declined". This will not issue the pending reward to the user it was sent. This will not let the sender know that their reward has been denied, so to avoid confusion we advise you to message them and let them know you are declining their reward.

  • To put a reward on hold, select "On Hold". You can select this option if there is a reward that needs further investigation.

If you're still having trouble with approving/declining rewards please don't hesitate to get in touch, you can do so by clicking the icon in the bottom right😄

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