Creating a Spending Pot

This article is for rewards admins who are struggling with understanding and setting up spending pots.

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What is a spending pot? 

Spending pots are used to help you break down your overall budget into smaller areas of spending that are more relevant to specific parts of your organisation. Whether that be different spending pots for different departments, different locations or even a spending pot dedicated to an event you have coming up!

Where do I create them?

There's two ways to manage your spending pots, the quickest way is to head to the Rewards tab in the side bar and click Manage in the top right.

You can also find this in your manage organisation page in the drop down in the top right.

Creating the Spending Pot

To create your spending pot, find the budget you want to add this to and click 'Create spending pot'.

Spending Pot Details 

Here you'll enter information about the spending pot, in here you will see:

  • Spending Pot Name - I'm going to call mine 'South East Region'

  • Spending Cycle Length - This is the length of time to spend the money in the pot before it resets. 

Who can give rewards 

In this section, you will be able to choose who can give rewards (i.e Pot spenders). Pot spenders can be anyone in Mo, they can spend money by giving the rewards defined in the pot. 

You can choose individual people or entire groups to be pot spenders.

Below, I have chosen my pot spenders to be everyone in Management and an individual user from HR - Angelyn Bartell. 

Amount each Pot Spender can spend

In here, there are two options:

  • Each - This will give each pot spender the value you put in the box to spend.

  • Split between everyone - This will split the value you put in each box between all the pot spenders. 

You should also choose to notify all pot spenders you have chosen to receive an email by ticking the box underneath so they know how much they have to spend and how long they have to spend it. 

What rewards can they give? 

This section allows you to choose what rewards the pot spenders can give. On top of this, you can choose whether the reward chosen needs to be approved before being issued.

If you choose for the reward to be approved before being sent, then it will be sent to the issue queue where a rewards admin will decide whether to approve or decline it.

An example of some rewards we've created are below:

If you are unsure on how to create a reward, you can see our article on it here.        

Once you've completed this form, your pot will be saved under your chosen budget. All that is left to do is activate the spending pot by toggling the switch to the left of the spending pot name. 

If you're still having trouble with creating spending pots, please don't hesitate to get in touch. You can do so by clicking the icon in the bottom right 😄 

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