Setting up your first Nomination

Let us walk you through creating your first nomination/event in Mo.

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Nominations are the best way to ask your colleagues for their favourite Moments. In this article, I'll be creating a 'Star of the quarter' nomination where people will submit who they think has been the brightest star this quarter.

Creating nominations in Mo requires either the 'Nominations Manager' or 'Nominations Admin' permissions.

Where do I go?

To start creating your nomination click the Nominations tab on the sidebar and click on 'Manage' in the top right.

Nomination or Event?

Once you've found your way to the manage page you'll be presented with two options:

  1. Create a Nomination - This will create one standalone nomination, ideal for nominations that focus on one thing.

  2. Create an Event - This will create an event that holds multiple nominations, perfect for when you want to break your nominations into more specific themes.

If you aren't interested in creating an event, click here to skip the next section.

Creating an Event (Optional)

Upon clicking 'Create now' under the event section you'll be presented with this form below, it's super easy to fill in - you just need to decide:

  • Event Title

  • Image/Emoji for the logo

  • When the nominations will start & end

  • Announcement comms for in-app and email notifications

  • Collaborators to help manage (optional, collaborators must be nomination managers)

Click 'Save' and you've created an event!

Creating a Nomination

Whether you decided to create an event or not, it's now time to create your nomination. This will be done one of two ways:

  • Event Nomination - if you created an event in the previous step you'll need to use the 'Add Nomination' button (see screenshot above) in the event otherwise your nomination will not be linked to the event.

  • Standalone Nomination - click 'Create a nomination' then 'Create now' under 'Nominations'

Creating your nomination is really easy, all you need to decide is:

  • Image/Emoji Logo

  • Nomination Name

  • Short Description

  • When answers can be submitted from/to (only necessary for standalone nominations, event nominations will run the same time as the event)

  • Who can be nominated

  • Can multiple people be nominated as a team?

  • Who can nominate

  • How many submissions can be made by one person

  • Collaborators to help manage (optional, collaborators must be nomination managers)

You can see the setup for my 'Star of the Quarter' nomination below.

Once you've done that, hit 'Save' and you'll see your new nomination in the manage section!

You're all done! When this is live all colleagues eligible to submit will see this on their submissions page.

Notifying your colleagues

Once you've created a nomination, your colleagues will get notified by email a day later. For this reason, it's best to open nominations a day in advance! Below is an example of the email your colleagues will receive.

All nominees will receive an email letting them know they've been nominated, but, they won't be able to view their nomination until it's been announced!🤫

Reminding your colleagues

Your colleagues will also get notified by email 2 days prior to the nomination closing. This way, last minute voters can get their votes in before it's too late!😊

Any more questions? Get in touch with us by pressing the button in the bottom right!

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