Managing Nominations

Want to manage your existing nominations? We've made this easy for you!

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Managing nominations in Mo requires either the 'Nominations Manager' or 'Nominations Admin' permissions.

Re-opening Nominations

Has your nomination closed before some employees have had a chance to vote? No Problem! Simply, head to your nominations, find the nomination you'd like to re-open, click the three dots and select "Reopen nomination".

Once everyone's had a chance to vote, you can manually close the nomination by clicking the three dots again and selecting "Close nomination".

Duplicating Nominations

Nice job on the nominations you've run so far! Want to run the same nominations again? We've got you! Instead of creating the same nomination from scratch, we've implemented a duplicate button so this takes less than a minute! ⏱

All you need to do is click the three dots on the nomination you wish to duplicate, click 'Duplicate' and choose when you want the nomination to open & close!

Deleting Nominations

Has your nomination cycle finished? Or maybe you created a nomination by mistake?🤦🏼‍♀️ You can now easily delete outdated nominations and make room for new ones! Find the nomination you no longer need, click the three dots and select "Delete"!

🚨Please note, once deleted, the nomination can't be retrieved again.

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