Announcing Nominations

There are two steps you can take to celebrate the lucky nominees and winners of your nomination. First - announcing the nominees!

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So your nominations have closed, you've got loads of great submissions, but what do you do next?

There are two steps in celebrating your nominations, the first one is announcing the nominees in-app, this will allow everyone who has been nominated to read their lovely messages!

Announcing nominations in Mo requires either the 'Nominations Manager' or 'Nominations Admin' permissions.

Viewing Results

The first thing you'll need to do is head to the manage page and find the nomination to announce, I'll be announcing the 'Star of the Quarter' nomination.

To open the results click 'View results'.

On this page, you'll see two sections, let's break these down.

Nomination Summary

At the top of the page, you'll see this little summary section, this just tells you some useful stats about your nomination's performance, you can switch to the 'Info' tab too if you'd like a reminder of what the nomination is about.

Nominees Section

This section is where you will manage your nominees and announce your nominations. In here you will see the list of nominees ordered by number of nominations with the option to filter and sort how you choose.

To read each nomination, click on the down arrow on 'Nominations'.

To announce nominees, click 'Announce nominations', this will bring up the box below, add a message to all nominees (optional) and hit "Send"!

An example of the email all nominees will receive:

All your colleagues who were nominated will now be able to read their nominations in app!

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