Being a Decision Maker

This article will contain everything you need to know about being a decision maker in Mo.

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What is a Decision Maker? 

A decision maker is somebody who can edit, delete and change the status of ideas created by colleagues in your organisation.

Your role as a decision-maker is to keep on top of ideas and make sure people are responding to challenges and engaging with ideas through comments and voting.

Types of Decision Makers

There are two types of decision-makers:

1. A user with decision-maker Mo permissions, who has global decision-maker capability

2. An assigned decision maker, which is a user who has been assigned to decide on a specific idea, by a global decision maker

What can I do as a decision-maker? Who has Decision Maker Permissions?

  • Make a Decision on any Idea - You have the choice of approving, rejecting or placing an idea on hold, when doing so you can also inform the ideas poster and followers as to the reason for your decision. Read more about submitting ideas here.

  • Assign Ideas to others - This lets other users who don't have decision-maker permissions like you, make decisions on that specific assigned idea. You may wish to do this in many cases where these users are better well-placed as subject matter experts to make decisions on certain ideas. Just click the 'Assign' button and select anyone from your organisation.

  • Challenges - You can create challenges for either different groups of colleagues or the whole organisation, inviting them to submit ideas to address a specific organisational challenge or need. Read more about how to create a challenge here.

As someone with decision-making permissions, it's important to monitor ideas that come through, especially in response to challenges you set and make sure these have someone assigned to them for judging. Encouraging colleagues to vote and comment, and engaging with ideas through posting questions and comments yourself on different ideas, helps ensure colleagues at your organisation are feeling heard!

What can I do as an assigned decision-maker?

If you've been assigned as a decision-maker to an idea, you will be notified by email. This means you've been selected as the best person to decide whether a given idea is viable and desirable, and will be the one to communicate this to all interested parties.

Your main actions should be:

  • Logging into Mo, to view how the voting is progressing on the idea, and what others are commenting

  • Engage with these comments, ask the poster and commenters any relevant questions that help understand the idea better, see if it's been done before, clarify whether it's viable and any other information that might help you make your decision. See more on voting and commenting here.

  • Encourage people you know and in your organisation to vote on the idea, to understand how much support/opposition it has - as that helps understand its impact!

  • Once voting is closed users are still able to comment (but can no longer vote). They might add further comments, so review all comments before making your decision.

  • It's worth commenting to communicate a timeline or process for decision-making to set some expectations with the idea's followers.

  • Once a decision has been made, update the status of the idea to reflect your decision, and let people know why you made this decision, as this helps educate users. They will be notified of the decision via email.

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