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Here's everything you need to know about setting up Lists as an Admin

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Lists are a great way to help your colleagues get the most out of Mo, by offering them a quick and easy way of adding multiple colleagues to the Moments they create. Lists are private to each user and fully customisable. You can learn how to use lists here.

As an admin, there are two things you'll need to do to make sure your colleagues get the best out of using lists:

  • Review the 'share' setting

  • Set up 'pre-populated lists'

Review the 'share' setting

You'll need to go to the Groups page through the "Manage Organisation" section of Mo. There you'll be presented with the categories and the groups within them that have been set up in Mo.

You may already have some categories of groups selected as 'available in Share'. Categories that are 'available in Share' will now also appear as an option for users who are creating a list. We recommend you confirm you're still happy with the categories that are selected as 'available to Share'.

Set up pre-populated lists

Next, let's set up pre-populated lists. Pre-populated lists enable you as an admin to suggest lists to your people based on the groups they are a part of.

Setting up pre-populated lists for your organisation means that your colleagues will see some lists when adding colleagues to a Moment. Your colleagues will be able to edit or delete these lists themselves, but they are a helpful starting point and demonstrate the power of using lists when creating a Moment.

How to select which categories are used?

In the Groups page in Mo, choose a category to use for pre-populated lists and select the fifth icon next to the category's name. Once selected, whenever a user logs in we'll create a list for them. There's no limit to the categories you can select, we'll create a list automatically for each category selected.

What happens if someone does not have a group in the chosen category?

If someone does not have a group assigned to them in the chosen category, a list will not be created for them. If they are assigned a group in that category whilst it's selected as 'available as a Pre-populated list', then a list will be created based on that group the next time they log in.

What happens if I de-select the category?

If the category is de-selected, anyone with a list from that category will keep their list. Anyone without a list, who signs in after it has been de-selected will not be given a list.

What happens if someone deletes the list that has been created?

Users can edit, duplicate and delete any pre-populated list that is created for them. A pre-populated list can be deleted by a user and will not reappear for that user. Users are also able to create lists themselves.

What happens if someone changes groups in a chosen category?

If this happens, a new list won't be created for them if they have already had one created for the original group they have moved from.

Who does this apply to?

When you choose a category for pre-populated lists, this will be given to every user in the account who has a group in this category. Make sure to pick groups that you think would be relevant for all users and not just a specific group of users.

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