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Quickly add multiple colleagues to a Moment at once!
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Mo gives you the ability to create your own lists, allowing you to quickly and easily add multiple colleagues to a Moment at once.

Here's everything you need to know about lists and how to get the most out of them.

Creating your lists

Lists can be made up of individual people, the groups that those people are a part of in Mo, or a mix of both.

Add individuals

Adding people is as easy as adding them to a Moment, click on "+ add individuals" and you'll be shown a list of people in Mo. Click on the people you want in your list and confirm your selection.

Add groups

To add larger numbers of people in one go, you can use the groups that are included in Mo. Simply click on "+ Add new rule" to see what groups are available. As you pick the groups your rule will be updated accordingly.

If you want to be more specific with who you include from a certain group, segment them further by adding another group to the same rule. If you want to keep everyone in that certain group AND everyone from another group, add a new rule.

Tip: Keep your Moments meaningful by combining different combinations of groups. For example, in the list above I'm only including people who work in the Product department but who are also in London.

Managing your lists

We've made it really easy to make sure your lists are working for you. You're able to:

  • Edit

  • Duplicate

  • Delete

Tip: Create multiple lists easily by duplicating one you've already made. This is great if you work with a number of similar teams with only one or two differences.

Using your lists

Once you've created your lists, you'll be ready to use them when creating a Moment. You'll be able to add individual colleagues and lists of colleagues to your Moments at the same time.

Click on the 'tag a colleague' button when creating your Moment, switch over to the 'Lists' tab, and choose the list or lists that you'd like to include.

Tip: If you don't have the list you're looking for set up or want to edit a list you already have, you can navigate to the lists settings page directly from the form.

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