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Understanding the Moments Shared metric

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At Mo, our mission is to help teams and organisations to capture and share their most precious Moments - to help inspire others, to encourage people to feel valued and to ultimately allow everyone to connect like never before.

The Moments Shared metric provides a simple way to evaluate the number of experiences that are being captured and shared on the Mo platform. It also serves as a leading indicator into how connected your organisation is becoming as a result of using Mo.

How we calculate Moments Shared

To calculate the total Moments Shared, we look at the total number of Moments (posts) that have been added to the Mo platform. This includes both public and private Moments e.g. Moments that appear on the feed, as well as Moments shared discreetly, direct to people’s profiles.

If a Moment is deleted from the Mo platform, we will remove this Moment from the total Moments Shared, so you always have an accurate representation of how much content is present on the Mo platform at any one time.

If a user is suspended from the Mo platform, we will not remove Moments posted from that user in the count, as this content is still accessible on the platform.

It’s important to note that Moments Shared is currently limited to including only the content that is shared on the feed or profiles (e.g posts). If you’re interested in seeing how many Rewards have been sent, Ideas Shared or Nominations Made, please refer to the report generator within the admin section of the product - these will be incorporated into the Moments Shared metric at a future date.

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