Types of Moments to Share

Not sure what types of things to share on Mo? Here are some ideas to get you started

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Thank you

Did someone go above and beyond to lend a hand? You can recognise something that a colleague or colleagues have done for you by sharing a Moment. Whether you do it privately or publicly, we all appreciate it when someone notices.

Well done

Is that project finished? Did you meet a deadline? Tough meeting? Share the experience with others by recognising, appreciating, or congratulating another person or team for their achievements.

Let's celebrate!

It's time to celebrate! You can celebrate a win you or your company has made with everyone. Draw attention to any colleagues who've helped make it happen or leave it as an announcement to everyone.

Happy Birthday

Show you care by celebrating another colleague's birthday. You can make your Moment a little bit more special by applying a colourful card style to it!

Other ideas

Leading a team?

Are you a team leader, supervisor, manager, or leader in the organisation? Build a high-performing team by appreciating your team, or individuals within your team with frequency like once a week.

Let's get personal

It doesn't all have to be about work! The things that are personal to you can bring you closer to your team too. Share what you've been up to outside of work, find shared hobbies and interests within your team, and connect.

Warm welcomes

It's tough joining a new organisation and a new team. Make a new colleague feel welcome and let everyone know that they're joining, in Mo. It's a great way to see names and faces from around the business and help build relationships early on.

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