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Celebrating Occasions in your Team 🎂
Celebrating Occasions in your Team 🎂

Your Manager guide to Occasions in Mo!

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Occasions in Mo make it easier than ever to celebrate your teams’ special moments with them! 🎉 By default, Mo shows birthdays, work anniversaries and first days on the home page, for everyone (especially you 😉) to interact with!

Types of Occasions

Assuming your company share occasion data with us, there are 3 types of occasions you'll be able to see in Mo:

  • Your teams' birthday 🎂

  • A team members' first day 👋

  • Your teams' work anniversary 🎉

You'll be able to click the '+' next to the occasion, and celebrate with a Moment!

You'll also be able to view any upcoming occasions in the Colleagues page:

Email Notifications

When someone in your team is celebrating their special occasion, you as their manager, as well as their colleagues (other team members you manage), will be notified by email. An email such as the one below will be sent when a colleague is celebrating their work anniversary or birthday.

And an email such as the one below 👇 , will be sent when a new colleague joins your team!

If your question about Occasions on Mo hasn't been answered, please don't hesitate to get in touch. You can do so by clicking the icon in the bottom right 😊.

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