Integration to Microsoft Teams

Your guide to Microsoft Teams integration 🤝

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Integration to Microsoft Teams

Enabling your people to seamlessly create a vibrant culture ✨

Your leaders and your teams are only getting busier and every day there are more tools competing for their attention. We want to help you drive high levels of usage, impacting your culture and employee engagement.

That’s why we’ve integrated our core journeys, prompts and reminders into Microsoft Teams! 🎉. Mo exists as a personal app, providing timely notifications and giving your people the ability to respond directly from Teams.

You can use our Teams integration to:

  • Create and drive a new habit for your team with Boosts

  • Know when there is relevant content waiting for you to view - whether it’s a reward or a Moment from someone in your team

  • Respond with reactions and comments directly from Teams

  • Stay ahead of occasions in your team. Whether it’s someone’s first day, work anniversary or birthday, Mo will let you know! 🥳

Setting up Mo in Teams

Linking Teams and your Mo account

To allow users to use the Mo Teams app, you’ll first need to link your Teams tenant with your Mo account.

To do this you’ll need two things:

  • An account with Admin permissions on Mo

  • Your Team tenant ID

Follow the steps below to link your accounts:

1. Whilst in Teams, click on the “...” icon at the end of the space with your users in it

2. With the drop-down open, click “Get link to team”

3. Copy the list ID after it says “tenantId=”. This is your tenant ID

4. Head to the integrations page in Mo and paste your tenant ID in the Teams setup area

Giving your users access to the app

This step depends on the user app permission policies you have set up. The below instructions outline the recommended approach to give all of your employees access to Mo in Teams without them having to install it individually.

1. Go to the “App setup policies” page in the Microsoft Teams admin centre

2. Choose the policy that applies to your employees, for us it’s our Global policy, but yours might look different

3. Click “Add apps” under “Installed apps”

4. Search for Mo and press "add"

5. Optional step - You can pin Mo to the sidebar by pressing “+ Add apps” at the bottom of the page & searching and adding Mo. You can choose where this appears in users' sidebars. We recommend this step to make it easier for your employees to find!

Note: Changes may take some time to reflect & should usually be updated within 24 hours.

If you have any questions or experience any issues, please get in touch with us by pressing the chat button in the bottom right! 😊

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