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Managing your data: Bulk Upload Users
Updating Employee data - New starters/Leavers
Updating Employee data - New starters/Leavers

Looking to update your employee data? Read this article for more help and guidance!

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Note: Updating employee data requires the "Admin" permission in Mo.

1.New Starters

👋 Have you had a lot of new joiners that need to be added to Mo? In order to bulk upload your new starters, continue with this article. However, if you'd only like to add 1 or 2 new users, this can be done quickly without a bulk upload, to find out how to do this head our article on Adding a Colleague to Mo for this quick guide!

To bulk upload new starters to Mo, watch our quick tutorial and then follow the steps below!😊

Downloading your CSV Data Template

To upload new starters to Mo, head to Manage Organisation->Bulk Upload Users. Click "Download Template".

Understanding the CSV Template Fields & Preparing Your Upload

Here you will see the fields you need to input for all your new starters, see below for information on required and optional fields.

Field examples and explanations (click to enlarge image) :

The template fields consist of:

Required fields:

  • external ID (employee ID or a unique identifier)

  • first name

  • surname

  • email address

  • manager (marked by TRUE/FALSE)

  • sso-uid (for SSO set up only, you'll need a unique sign on ID)

  • country (for customers using rewards, country will be required (marked as Alpha-2 codes e.g. US) If not specified, country will be GB by default

Optional fields:

  • manager ID

  • language (If not specified, will be GB by default)

  • suspend (marked by TRUE/FALSE)

  • date of birth and employment start date (must be YYYY-MM-DD)

  • Groups - these consist of the groups you created in part 1 and their name will always start with group:Example. These fields include department, location, job title and division.

📢 Note - we support the below languages

  • en_GB - english

  • fr_FR - french

  • de_DE - german

  • pl_PL - polish

  • pt_PT - portuguese

  • ru_RU - russian

  • es_ES - spanish

  • nl_NL - dutch

  • ro_RO - romanian

Copy and paste your new starter data only into our template, taking the fields above into consideration.

The template is just a guide that we recommend using to avoid confusion on formatting. If you wish to upload your own excel file, the headers must match the template and your file must save as a .csv as below:

Upload Your Data

To upload your data, press "Upload New CSV", hit "Browse" and select the file you've created.

🚨Note - you'll have the option to suspend non included users, i.e. users that are NOT in your data. Make sure you leave this box unticked, otherwise you'll suspend the rest of your company from Mo.

Go ahead and "Upload CSV" and you're all done! From here you'll be able to see the date, name and status of your upload.

📢 Note - Your upload may take up to 12 hours to validate.

Possible Errors

After you've uploaded a CSV file, you may encounter an error if your spreadsheet isn't filled in correctly or is in the wrong format. If this happens, press "View" for more information on the error. Correct this error in your spreadsheet and start the upload process again. Visit our FAQ's article for more information on errors.

2. Leavers

😢 Do you have some leavers that you need to remove from Mo? If an employee leaves your company, you'll need to suspend their Mo account.

To bulk suspend users, continue with this article. However, if you'd only like to suspend 1 or 2 users, this can be done quickly without a bulk upload, to find out how to do this head to our article on Suspending a Colleague for more information!

There are two ways users can be suspended using the CSV uploader. Head to Manage Organisation->Bulk Upload Users. Click "Download Template".

Suspending Selected Users

To suspend a couple of individuals, copy and paste the leavers required details only, and add TRUE to the suspend column.

Finish your data upload and the selected user(s) will no longer have access to Mo. You can double check this by heading to Manage Organisation-> Users and searching their name(s). The below status should appear next to their name(s).

Suspending Not Included Users

Another way to suspend users is to not include them in your data upload. Start your data upload as usual, copying and pasting your employee data into the template provided. Make sure you don't include the data of the employees that you are wanting to suspend.

To upload your data, press "Upload New CSV", hit "Browse" and select the file you've created.

Here, you'll have the option to suspend all users that are not included in your data upload by ticking "suspend non included users". Once this box is ticked and you press "Upload CSV", everyone not in your data upload will lose access to Mo.

3. All in One and Updating Employee info

🤗 Have people joined AND left your company?

Of course all employee updates can be done in a single upload. If you have new starters, new leavers and users whose details have changed, instead of completing both parts individually, combine them together and some save time!

To begin, you'll need to follow the steps in Part 1 (New Starters) on downloading and filling out a template, and keep the below information in mind:

  • For new starters, make sure all the fields (required and optional) are filled in

  • For leavers, only fill out the required fields and add TRUE to the suspend column

  • To update user details, fill the fields out with updated information

Save your file and start the upload process. Ignore the suspend non included users option and leave the box unticked.

Hit "Upload CSV" and all your employee data has been updated with a single upload! Easy right?

Keep our information on possible errors in mind and get in touch if you're unsure about anything!

If this article hasn't answered your question about updating employee data, don't hesitate to reach out by clicking the chat button in the bottom right of your screen 😃.

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