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A content export report provides a deeper insight into engagement by exporting all relevant content from Mo.

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New to reporting, huh? Let us guide you through the different types of content export reports you can create.


If you're wanting to export all moment-related information from Mo, this report is for you. A content export on moments will show you everything you'd need to know about a specific moment; the creator, the recipient, their groups & even the content of the moment. What more could you ask for?


As with moments, you can also export all content related to rewards. This is particularly useful if you need to check how much £££ has been spent in a given timeframe. You also get to see information such as who the sender/recipient is, the value of the reward issued & the message of the moment it was attached to.


Curious to see what users are spending their rewards on? Our redemption report gives you insight into the vouchers your colleagues are redeeming & care about.


Another useful report to create is a user export. A user export takes all user information from Mo & inputs it into a neat CSV file.

In this report you can find users' personal information, groups they belong to, permissions, usage activity, remaining balance & their assigned manager.

Spending Pots

Our spending pots export supports you in keeping tabs on all of your spending pots. It shows you the amount of £££ that's been assigned to a particular spending pot, the amount that's already been spent & the amount that's still available. If you keep seeing rewards from a particular spending pot in your approval queue, it may be worth downloading a spending pot export to make sure the reward givers haven't spent above their limit.

That's all folks! You can also download a content export on nominations & ideas, but you get the picture right?

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