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What's an activity detail report used for you might ask... well, let us show you!

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New to reporting, huh? Let us guide you through the different types of activity detail reports you can export.

Moment created

A moment created report would give you a quick overview of how many moments are being created in a given timeframe and who by (person/department/total).

Let's imagine that it's the end of the quarter & you'd like to see which departments shared the most moments. You're not interested in the nitty gritty detail of the moment itself, just the overall number (psst, if you want the extra detail, check out our content export page), well this is the report for you!

Now that you've seen which departments are creating the most moments, how about those receiving the most?

Moment received

Another common use case. If you'd like to see which people/departments are receiving the most recognition, look no further. By creating an activity detail report on moment received, you'll be able to see the total number of moments a user/department has received in a given timeframe.

Reward issued

As with moments, if you wanted to see which user/department is issuing rewards or how many rewards have been issued in a given timeframe, an activity detail report on reward issued is the one!

If the below information is all you're looking for, great! If you'd like some further insight into the value of these rewards, check out our content export page.

The above examples are our most used activity detail reports, but as you would have seen from our Activities Glossary, you can create activity detail reports on all features of Mo. Whether it's ideas, nominations or user sessions, there's a report for it!

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