Activities Glossary

This article breaks down all of the options you can choose from when creating an activity detail report using our report generator.

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  • Ideas voted - the count of votes on ideas.

  • Ideas posted - the count of ideas created and posted.

  • Moments received - the count of all moments received by users (moments a user was mentioned or tagged in)

  • Moment created - the count of unique moments sent, this treats a moment with 230 recipients as 1 moment.

  • Nominations created - the count of nominations created, created meaning the nomination process/event itself.

  • Nomination votes - the count of nomination votes submitted by users.

  • Rewards issued - the count of rewards successfully issued.

  • Rewards redeemed - the count of rewards redeemed.

  • User sessions (logins) - the count of user sessions (logins) a user makes within a certain time range. A new session is started after 5 minutes of inactivity on mobile or 30 minutes on desktop.

  • Users signed up - the count of new users who signed up to the platform (meaning they have completed their first sign-in). This will usually be just 1 time but can show you how many users have signed up in a given time range.

  • Users invited - the count of users who have been invited to the platform using our welcome email.

  • Comments - the count of comments across Moments, Ideas, Rewards and Nominations.

  • Reactions - the count of reactions across Moments, Rewards and Nominations.

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