Creating an Activity Detail Report

A walkthrough on how to create an activity detail report using our report generator.

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An 'Activity Detail' report provides a quick overview of all user-related activity in Mo (example below).

Getting Started

To download reports in Mo, you'll need to have the 'Analyst' permission and navigate to the reports page by going to Manage Organisation -> Insights and selecting Create Report (at the bottom of the Insights Page).

You can also always view any previously created reports by selecting 'View previous reports' in the 'Downloadable reports' section at the bottom of the Insights page.

Creating the Report

Report Type

To get started, choose 'Activity detail' as the report type.

Report Name 

This step is pretty self-explanatory, this is where you will create a name for your report, for this example, I have used 'Moments Created Weekly (2020)'.

Selecting Activity & Segmentation:  

Here is where you will choose what activity you want to focus on, following on with the example before, I'm going to select 'Moment Created'.

Once you have selected your activity you can choose the breakdown of this report, the options to choose from are:

  • By Person - this will break the report down by person.

  • By Group - this will break the report down by the group of your choosing (the example given below is for the group 'Department').

  • No Segmentation - this will not break your activities down at all, this will show you the total number for that activity.

Time Granularity

This will provide a breakdown of the chosen activity either daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, or will give you one total for the selected time range. The weekly breakdown shows numbers for a full Monday-Sunday week, and Monthly/Yearly will always show you the data for the full calendar month/year (or to date if the month/year is incomplete).

Date settings:

Now all you need to do is choose the time range for which, you wish to see the data. This time range is unrestricted.


This optional last step allows you to share your report with another Analyst in your organisation.

To confirm your report, hit 'Save'.

You'll now be able to see your report back on the reports page.

 If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch, you can do so by clicking on the icon in the bottom right😄

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