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Here's some frequently asked questions, and their answers, around adding images to your Moments

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Can I add images to my Moment?

When you go to 'create a Moment', in the area you write your message you'll see some icons in the bottom left of the text area.

Click on the 'insert image' icon and you'll be prompted to select the images you wish to upload.

Select the images you want to upload and they'll be added to your moment. Find out more here.

How many images am I able to add to a Moment?

You can add up to 4 images to a Moment.

Why can I only add 4 images to a Moment?

We believe in the significance of every Moment. We found 4 images to be the perfect amount to let people express themselves more easily whilst making sure the Moment wasn't lost.

Can I use gifs and Moments cards with images?

When you add an image to a Moment you won't be able to add gifs or use Moment cards. Likewise, if you add a gif or use a Moment card the button to add images will be disabled.

We want to make sure your Moments are easy to read for everyone, we found through testing that combinations of these can make it difficult.

How do I remove an image I've shared?

You won't be able to delete an individual image from a Moment that has already been sent, you will need to delete the whole Moment. To delete a Moment, find your Moment in the feed, click on the three dots near the bottom right and select 'delete message'.

Your message and any images will be removed permanently.

Please be aware there is a ten-minute delay between a message being sent and the recipients being notified. Deleting a message after this period will mean people won't be able to see the message any more but they may have already seen it.

Can I add videos to my Moment?

Right now you can't add videos to a Moment. This is something we are looking into for the future.

Can I change what part of the image is shown?

To make sure all images are displayed consistently across Mo, we make sure the same aspect ratio is used to display any image. For now, you can't control which part of an image is shown, but by clicking on the image you will always be able to see a full-size version.

Can I add images to my comments?

Yes, you can now add 1 image within 1 comment on a Moment!

If you still have any questions, reach out to us using the live chat icon in the bottom right of any page! 😊

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