Archiving a Budget

Looking to have a budget clean up? This article will guide you through archiving the budgets you no longer need.

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To archive, an existing budget, head to Manage organisation -> Rewards -> Budgets. From here, you'll be able to view all your ongoing budgets and spending pots!

To archive a budget you no longer wish to use, locate the budget, switch it off using the green button and click 'Edit'.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and hit the 'Archive' button!

Archiving a budget removes it from your 'Budgets' page. This means that the budget will no longer be visible or accessible to you or your team.

But don't worry! Any spending information from the archived budget will still be available in a downloadable 'Content Export' for your Spending Pot. Here's a helpful guide on downloading a Content Export.

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