Types of Boosts to share💡

Your cheatsheet to creating Boosts 🤫.

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Struggling to think of the perfect Boost for you & your team? Mo's got your back with our new ✨shiny✨ templates!

Here are some effortless Boosts to get you started:

Weekly Wins

One of our personal favourites & guarantees a response as someone will always (surely?!) have something good to share!

Tweak the description to suit your tone & send every week on a Friday to end everybody's week on a high note 🎶.

Who's on fire?

Another easy Boost for you to run weekly, perhaps for some mid-week motivation? The perfect way for your team to appreciate each other for the little things 🤗.

Top Priorities

What a great way to ask your team to share their goals for the week! Not only will it increase individual motivation, but you'll also increase transparency within your team. Go you! 👏

Share on a Monday morning to get the ball rollin'.

New discoveries

Enough seriousness, now it's time for our favourite social Boosts!

New discoveries is a great Boost if you're wanting to build connection (& maybe even learn something new?) within your team. Get your team chatting about the new Netflix series they're watching or a new way of working they're trying out 🧐.

Set the Boost to run monthly to find out some of your teams monthly favourites!

Pet pics!

Now I know I said this a lot, but this one is definitely a Mo favourite! We're pet people here at Mo and we start our week by sharing photos of our fur babies 🐶.

This is a great Boost to run if you're new to Mo & you're trying to get your team in the habit of sharing Moments. After all, we all love to show off our loved ones!

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