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Setting up Boosts 🚀
Mo Library of Habits & Rituals: Boost a New Habit in Your Team 🚀 (New)
Mo Library of Habits & Rituals: Boost a New Habit in Your Team 🚀 (New)

Remind your team to celebrate each other (and you!) by setting up Boosts.

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Note: Setting up Boosts in Mo requires the 'Manager' permission.

Use Boosts to celebrate wins more regularly, share key results, or appreciate team members. This feature allows you to schedule reminders to encourage your team to share Moments daily, weekly, monthly or even as a one-off. Pick a day and time that suits you and watch your team thrive!

Setting up your Boost

To get started, head to the 'Boosts" section on the left side of your home page.

Click 'Create boost' and browse our ✨ Boost template library✨ . Whether you'd like to strengthen recognition, connection or even reflection within your team, we have a template for you.

But wait ✋, let us explain the layout in a little bit more detail.

Choosing a Boost template that's right for you

Team building

As leaders and managers, we know you spend a lot of time wondering how to keep your team motivated, engaged, and working well together! Without that team connection and morale - performance is always harder.

Our team building habits and rituals are here to help you drive feedback, connection, recognition, and team wellbeing through positive, fun habits that are also functional and effective! Open to find the 4 sub-categories of behaviours that make up a great team - each filled with recommended templates to nurture that specific behaviour.

'Recognition' - is a great place to start, and one of our more popular categories!

To promote recognition in your team, we recommend using templates such as 'Weekly Shoutout' or 'Unsung Hero' to spread appreciation & let those special people in your team know that their efforts haven't gone unnoticed 🥰.

Team performance

The other side of having a strong, resilient team is driving performance through effective communication, reflection, and synchronisation habits.

As with team building, team performance has sub-categories of behaviours that research tell us, contribute towards a high-performing team - each with its very own set of templates.

'Reflection' is a crucial skill that all teams looking to learn and improve faster should foster. It's also instrumental for evaluating performance and staying positive. Why not choose our 'Weekly Reflection' or 'Weekly Highlights' templates and ask your team to share theirs!

All our templates will come with recommended usage instructions, and a preview of the boost prompt your invitees will receive, making the next steps even easier! 👇

Customising a template

Once you've picked your template, customise it to suit you & your team 🤝.

These are some of the things you can personalize:

  1. Adjusting the boost colour & emoji if you have a fave 🥳.

  2. All our templates come with a recommended default response type that's most suitable for that template - either a quick response to tag colleagues or a longer form response to share a full moment. If needed - you can change this!

  3. Adjust the title & message of the Boost to truly give it your voice 📣 .

  4. Most important: Add your team to the Boost by searching their names or selecting an existing list for your team (here's a helpful guide on creating lists in Mo) 👥.

  5. Final step: Set the frequency and timing of your Boost - decide how often you want reminders to be sent to you & your team and when 💌.

Once you're happy, hit 'Create Boost'!

Notifying your team

Email notification

Each user you select will be notified by email at your selected time and day and by push notification on their phone if they're using our mobile app.

In-app notification

Each user will also be sent an in-app notification on Mo.

MS Teams notification

If your organisation uses MS Teams and you and your team have installed our Mo app in your MS Teams account, you will also receive a notification in MS Teams. This is super convenient, as you and your team can respond to your Boost prompt directly from MS Teams!

Curious about what else the MS Teams Mo Bot does? Check out our FAQ.

See what your team has shared

All moments created from your Boost will be grouped together at the top of everyone's homepage - available to view easily and engage with. While only your chosen recipients and you can respond to your Boost, others in the organization can be inspired by or learn from your new rituals, and also comment and react joining in on the fun!

You can view all Moments by clicking 'View all'. From here, you'll be able to engage with each Moment and see your team's engagement. If you're running a daily, weekly or monthly Boost - you'll be able to see responses from each given day, week or month - giving you a great record of your team's input over time!

Managing your Boost

You can view & edit your Boost in 'Your Boosts' at any time. You can also archive your Boost at any time, which will stop sending emails and push notifications to your team - but don't worry, existing responses won't be deleted from the homepage.

If your question about Boosts hasn't been answered, please don't hesitate to get in touch. You can do so by clicking the icon in the bottom right 😊.

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