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Set up Mo in your Microsoft Teams account
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Are you looking to set up Mo in your Microsoft Teams account, but not sure where to get started? Well, you've come to the right place!

If you've been told you can now use Mo in MS Teams, follow these 2 easy steps to link your Microsoft Teams account with your personal Mo account. Watch the video below for a demonstration of how quick and easy it is!

1. Open your MS Teams application and look for Mo

Click “Apps” in the sidebar - you should see a section titled “Built for your org”. You might already see the Mo app listed there, so just click on the tile.

If it's not listed there yet, click “See all” and you can search and find 'Mo' in the wider list. Once you find Mo, just click on the tile and then open to add the app. It will then open the Mo Bot into a new chat with you.

2. Link your Mo account

Once you're viewing the Mo Bot chat. You'll be able to link your account by clicking the button you see. If you're already logged into your Mo account in another tab in your browser for example, your accounts will link automatically and you'll see a confirmation message.

If you're not logged into your Mo, the button will direct you to log in to Mo and once this is done your accounts will link up and you'll see a confirmation message.

You're now ready to use Mo in MS Teams! If you want to learn more about the notifications you'll receive and how you can interact with them check out our FAQ on MS Teams.

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