Are you a manager in Mo? Meet your new best friend! 🤝

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Note: This feature is only available to users with the "Manager" permission in Mo.


Our new Assistant feature* was designed to help you build an engaged team in less time 🎉 & will collate the following information:

Latest Moments from your Network

We've made finding the Moments from your team even easier with a new feed in the Assistant. Here, you will be able to find Moments from your direct reports, people you share a line manager with and people you follow, allowing you to interact with and reward without having to scroll through the whole feed or notifications.

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Key Actions

Key actions are all about maximising the impact leaders can have on their team in the smallest amount of time. When you sign in, you'll be greeted with a list of the most impactful actions to help you establish strong habits and recognise your team fairly, all leading towards a highly engaged team.

Share a Moment

You'll also get quick links to share a Moment and reward people!

Learning Resources

We're also here to help you level up by sharing links to our very own blog articles, which highlight areas and skills leaders should be interested in to equip them to be the best leaders they can be!

Exciting, right?👀 This will all be rolling out in stages over the coming weeks! 🎉

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